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Below you can find some detailed information on our female dogs including their pedigrees, physical characteristics, and a background on their hunting sytles and home deminor.


Whelped: 7/30/10
Height: 23"
Weight: 52lbs
Coat: Med Dense, Med Harsh
Bite: Normal
Color: Liver Roan
OFA Hips: Excellent
OFA Elbows: Normal
OFA Thyroid: Normal


VC Outlanders Keep One Eye Open MH

Intl. Ch. VC Sharp Shooters Let 'er Rip  X  Intl. Ch. VC Indian Brook's Frappucino


Kate is out of a NA Breeders Award, Utility Breeders Award, and Invitational Breeders Award litter. She passed her Natural Ability test with a 112 point max. score at only 10.3 months of age. Her litter mates have had similar success with 8 of 10 dogs tested receiving a NAVHDA Natural Ability Prize 1.


Kate, at a very young age, started to impress me with her enormous amount of prey drive, intense and stylish points, and love for water.  She started to back at a very young age, too.  It just seemed to come natural to her, as did everything else.  She has a medium to long range in the field, and a medium to short range in the grouse woods. 


Kate has created an impressive resume that includes: NAVHDA Natural Ability Prize 1- 112 points at 10.3 months; NAVHDA Utility Prize 1- 204 at 25 months; NAVHDA Versatile Champion with a score of 197 out of 200 points at 3 years 2 months old, and Kate  received her AKC Master Hunt Title 6 out of 6 with an average score of 8.9 out of 10. 


This is one of those dogs that is a dream to watch in the field and water and who will crawl up on your lap and stay there all night.  Don't let her sweetness fool you though, because she is a true predator when it comes to fur or feather.  Her sweetness around people is something to watch. She loves everyone. 



Whelped: March 11, 2014
Weight: 55lbs
Coat: Medium Dense
Bite: Normal

Color: Liver and White

OFA: Excellent

Thyroid: Normal

Elbows: Normal


NAVHDA Pedigree
AKC Pedigree



• NA Prize 1; 112 pts @ 14 months old

• Utility Prize II; 200 pts @ 2.5 years old


VC Outlanders Keep One Eye Open MH   X  VC SOS Kings White Knight Sir Connor MH


Jess is out of NAVHDA Versatile Champion Outlanders Keep One Eye Open AKC Master Hunter (Kate) and NAVHDA Versatile Champion SOS Kings White Knight Sir Connor AKC Master Hunter (Connor).


Jess tested in her NAVHDA Natural Ability Test at 14 months old and received a max score of 112.  Jess, and many of her litter mates tested so well at their NA Test that the litter received a NAVHDA NA Breeders Award.

Her abilities were apparent at a very young age. She inherited her father's quickness and pointing style, and her mother's intensity and focus. Her willingness to please is just like both her parents. She was a playful puppy. Always willing to instigate a tug of war with the other dogs in the house. She is my 4 year olds playmate.  They do everything together, but when she goes hunting its all business.

She has impressed me with her bird finding ability in the grouse and woodcock woods.  Not only can she find them, but she learned very quickly how to handle them.

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