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Picking a breeder to purchase your next German Shorthaired Pointer from can be a very tedious process. GSP's are a very popular breed, and because of this, breeders have popped up everywhere touting their lines as the best.


Our goal at Blackridge Kennels is to breed only those GSP's that posses genetic, personality, and confirmation traits that will improve the breed as a whole. We want to produce german shorthaired pointer puppies with great temperaments, that are stylish on point, love the water, posses natural retrieving instincts, intelligence and cooperation.


Puppies from our kennel will posses everything you'll need in a great bird dog. It's your choice if they remain just a great hunting buddy, or if they follow in their parents footsteps and move on to higher levels of testing within the NAVHDA and AKC systems.

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Schwenksville, PA


Tel: 610-656-1808

"At Blackridge Kennels we selectively choose our 
breeding's to be sure we are producing the finest GSP 
puppies in the country. That 
is why we breed only a few 
times a year. With limited breeding's, waiting lists are always possible. If you are interested in a pup, please call us ASAP so we can get your name on our list."

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