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Stud Dogs

Below you can find some detailed information on our stud dogs including their pedigrees, physical characteristics, and a background on their hunting sytles and home deminor.


VC Blackridge Apollo MH

VC Elk Von Burkhart MH  X  VC Nobelles Double Trouble Sue MH


Mack’s parents are NAVHDA Versatile Champions (VC) and AKC Master Hunters(MH) with a pedigree that includes 4 VC’s, 4 KS Titles, 10 Utility dogs, (8 of which are Prize 1’s), and 8 Master Hunter’s.   His litter has won both NAVHDA Natural Ability Awards, Utility Breeder Awards and Versatile Champion Breeder Awards.


Mack is a solid liver male with a white patch on his chest and foot.  He has good bone mass; weight is 65 pounds and 25 inches at the shoulder. He has medium to long range in the field, close range in the grouse woods, and is well behaved in a duck blind or boat.  Mack has a wonderful temperament, and is a total sweet heart at home.  Mack has great stamina, he will hunt all day and is ready for more the very next morning. He is a natural backer and natural retriever.  He always has had something in his mouth ever since he was a pup.


Mack is typically hunted at least 30 to 40 days during the hunting season.  Training was easy with Mack, as he was a pleasure to train and easy to work with.  He is a very quick and focused learner, who continuously moves forward.  An interesting fact about Mack is how fast he truly progressed. His VC title was achieved five months earlier then his father and fourteen months earlier then his mother.  During his Master Hunter testing, he passed 5 out of 5.  He received both his MH and Versatile Championship by the age of 2 years 10 months. 


Whelped: 11/5/2006
Height: 26"
Weight: 67lbs
Coat: Dense, Med Harsh
Bite: Normal
Eyes: Normal
OFA Hips: Good 
OFA Elbows: Normal
OFA Thyroid: Normal 
Color: Solid Liver


VC Rosco SH

FC Tonelli's Rising Sun X Warmarks Sierra Sage


Rosco is hard charging, intense, and stylish on point. Backing and retrieving were natural talents for him. He's eager to please, has a soft mouth, and a medium to long range in the field. He's got a lot of personality and enthusiasm, yet is calm and affectionate in the house. Rosco loves laying by the wood burning stove and soaking up the sun from the Kitchen.


Rosco is the first dog I ever trained, and he managed to acquire quite an impressive resume even with my handicaps.


He's hunted on woodcock, grouse, pheasant, quail. ducks, and geese. Sitting on the river looking for ducks, or running the thickets for woodcock are some of his favorite places to be. Whatever the game, Rosco is always willing to go. He hunts all day and can't wait to go out again the next.


Whelped: 11/15/2004
Height: 25"
Weight: 56lbs
Coat: Dense, Harsh
Bite: Normal
OFA: Good
Color: Liver Roan


NAVHDA Pedigree
AKC Pedigree



• NAVHDA VC - 196 pts
• AKC Senior Hunter
• UT Prz. 1 - 201 pts.

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